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World first hair loss treatment solution using stem cell derived hair growth factors



Hair stem, the world’s first quasi-drugs hair loss prevention and proliferation product

  1. 1Increasing hair growth
  2. 1Decreasing hair loss
  3. 1Stronger and thicker hair
  4. 1Overall better quality and condition of hair

HAIR STEM products

The world’s first stem cell-based non-drug hair loss prevention and proliferation product, HAIRSTEM has stem cell extracts (CE) as its main ingredient. It is a low stimulus toxic-free product that contains a small amount of moisture protectors, natural preservatives, and spices.

HAIRSTEM uses growth elements from fat stem cells to revive the scalp and promote the hair roots. Unlike existing products, you can maintain long-term effects after ceasing use.

Even if there is some variation in speed of effect, as long as you have hair roots, you can expect the growth.